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Current Opportunities

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STA Public Purchase Announcement

There are no bids about to end for the agency at this time.

Past Opportunities

RFP - Financial Advisory Services - Sacramento Transportation Authority - CLOSED - Feb 02, 2024 

RFP - Financial Advisory Services – Sacramento Transportation Authority

The Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA) is soliciting proposals from consulting municipal financial advisory firms qualified and interested in: Preparing an updated and amended Capital Allocation Plan (CAP) that sets forth an anticipated schedule of revenues, cash flow, and distributions to eligible capital projects. Evaluating alternative financing mechanisms and revenue sources. Providing ongoing advice, facilitation, management, and reporting as needed to implement the preferred financing strategy. It is anticipated that subject to successful negotiation with a qualified consultant(s), the associated services would commence May 1st, 2024, with an engagement period of one year, with the option to extend for four additional one-year terms. The financial advisory services budget has not been determined. The goal of this procurement is to select a financial advisory consultant that can effectively advise on the management of STA’s debt to enhance the long-term financial stability of STA, and to identify, facilitate, and assist in the management of appropriate financing mechanisms and consideration of new revenue sources.

RFP - Request for Proposals to Provide Bond Counsel Services - CLOSED - Feb 02, 2024 

RFP - Request for Proposals to Provide Bond Counsel Services

The Sacramento Transportation Authority (the “Authority” or “STA”) is soliciting proposals from interested legal services firms to serve as bond counsel to the Authority to assist in the ongoing management of the Authority’s bond portfolio and periodic future bond issuances. The Authority currently has a Master Indenture and has prepared, through its existing bond counsel, eight supplemental indentures in association with its bond issuances to date. The Authority has no immediate plans for additional bond issuance but will require periodic advice from bond counsel in between bond issuances. Proposals will be due no later than the Proposal Deadline specified below. Details concerning the response are contained in this document.