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Senate Bill 1

A logo stating "REBUILDING CALIFORNIA SB1" with icons for transportation: train, road, construction worker, and delivery truck.

Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, was signed into law on April 28, 2017. SB 1 provides an increase in California's transportation funding.

What It Does:

SB 1 invests approximately $5.4 billion annually to care for the state’s complex network of highways and roads, along with accompanying infrastructure. It also provides important funding for transit and safety. The Act authorizes local agencies and Caltrans to repair the state’s roads and bridges, develop projects to reduce traffic delays and improve the movement of goods, and enhance transit, intercity rail, and other vehicle and pedestrian modes. 

How It Works:

The California Transportation Commission has oversight for SB 1 funds and the specific funding programs created by SB 1. These are the: Solutions for Congested Corridors Program; Trade Corridor Enhancement Program; Local Streets and Roads Program; Active Transportation Program; State Highway Operation and Protection Program; and, the State Transportation Improvement Program. 

The Local Partnership Program:

A principal funding program of SB 1 is the Local Partnership Program (LLP). This program provides funding to counties, cities, districts, and regional transportation agencies in which voters have approved fees or taxes dedicated solely to transittransportation programs. 

STA as the Local Transportation Authority for Sacramento County with its voter approve Sales Tax Measure A is one of the agencies that are part of the Local Partnership Program.

STA programs the expenditure of funding under the Local Partnership Formulaic Program and has programmed $19.1 million to the County, Cities, and Sacramento Regional Transit.

STA also sets priorities for competitive applications under the Local Partnership Competitive Program within Sacramento County resulting in $63.2 million in competitive awards.

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