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Transportation Mitigation Fees

What is it?

One component of Measure A was the introduction of a county-wide transportation mitigation fee so that no revenue generated from the tax shall be used to replace transportation mitigation fees required from new development. This was enacted by the STA Board in Section VII of STA Ordinance 04-01. The stated goal was, “To develop and implement a uniform transportation mitigation fee on all new development in Sacramento County that will assist in funding road and transit system improvements needed to accommodate projected growth and development.” The creation of the fee was approved by voters with the extension of Measure A in 2004. The Measure A sales tax extension Transportation Mitigation Fees went into effect on April 1, 2009.

How are the Fee's Spent?

The Transportation Mitigation Fees are allocated as follows: 

  • 35% Local streets and roads for capital improvements.
  • 20% Public transit for capital improvements.
  • 20% Local interchange upgrades, safety projects and congestion relief improvements on the local freeway system, including bus and carpool lane projects. 
  • 15% Smart Growth Incentive Program 
  • 10% Transportation Project Environmental Mitigation

The Nexus Study, Annual and Five Year Reports, and Fee Schedule can be found below: 

2006 Nexus Study.pdfFY21-22 5 Year Report.pdfFY18-19 Annual Report.pdfFY19-20 Annual Report.pdfFY20-21 Annual Report.pdfFY21-22 Annual Report.pdfFY22-23 Annual Report.pdf