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Measure A provides for amounts that pass directly to jurisdictions based on formulaic calculation based on the ordinance. These funds amount to nearly 80% of the Measure. To present these in a way that is understandable and actionable a Microsoft PowerBI dashboard was created. 

Please click the photo below for access to the dashboard.

A pie chart showing budget allocation of 1,760.936K with various colored sectors corresponding to different categories, like traffic control and road maintenance.

The PowerBI Dashboard is made up of an interactive County of Sacramento map and a pie chart that displays the funding allocation. Information can be displayed by jurisdiction and project, with the ability to adjust the date range for analysis.

Definitions of the funding programs are listed below as they appear on the dashboard.

Direct Allocation:
The Cities of Galt & Isleton receive allocations of the sales tax revenues collected. 

Traffic Control & Safety:
This program will fund traffic control system improvements, high priority pedestrian and vehicle safety projects, and emergency vehicle preemption systems for quicker police, fire and ambulance response throughout Sacramento County.

Safety, Streetscaping, Ped and Bike Facilities:
This program will fund non-motorized, pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements.

Street & Road Maintenance:
This program will fund city street and county road maintenance.

Transit Operations, Maintenance & Safety:
Allocates supplemental funding for the operation and maintenance of transit services to ensure their continued efficiency and safety.

Senior & Disabled Transportation Services:
Allocation of funding to directly support the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency in the county that coordinates transportation options for easier access by seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Countywide Services:
This encompasses the Neighborhood Shuttle Program, providing needed Microtransit services to populations in need, and STA administrative allocation. 

Capital Improvement Projects:

American River Parkway / Bikeway Network:
Funding is provided to support the maintenance and improvement of the extensive parkway trail system in the County of Sacramento. 

Transportation Related Air Quality Program:
Funds projects and programs that assist with meeting state and federal air quality mandates for mobile sources and to environmentally mitigate for transportation capital improvements in the Expenditure Plan.