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David Tait

Position: Ex-Officio Member
Term: No term limitation
Appointing Authority: Board of Directors, Chair

David Tait is the owner of The Tait Group, Inc. with the firm serving clients and projects throughout California since 2005.   The focus is on project management, advocacy and facilitation for a variety of transportation infrastructure improvements in all phases of project delivery.   

David holds Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil/Transportation engineering and has extensive experience in planning, engineering, and implementation.  With his additional technical sales and marketing experience, he brings a unique set of skills to the project advocacy role. Much of this role involves advocacy and problem solving to address the project delivery challenges and technical issues.    

In addition to various jobs at large and small engineering and planning firms, Mr. Tait previously worked for a consulting and lobbying firm in Sacramento supporting Will Kempton, then partner at the firm and subsequently Director of Caltrans.    

In his almost five years at the firm, he focused on numerous transportation strategies, issues and projects.