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Measure A Decennial Review

Measure A, a one-half cent countywide sales tax program for transportation purposes, was approved by more than 75 percent of the voters of Sacramento County in November of 2004. This 30-year program was an extension of a transportation sales tax passed in 1988, and did not go into effect until April of 2009 following the expiration of the previous tax.

2021 Decennial Review and Ordinance


Twenty-five counties throughout California have voter-approved taxation for transportation improvements. The success of these programs is tied to the delivery of those projects and programs itemized in an Expenditure Plan which is included as part of the ballot measure. Because these initiatives are specific in terms of designating the expenditure of tax proceeds, they are considered "special taxes" requiring a two-thirds vote of the electorate for approval. The programs have been largely successful because they follow the adage of "promises made, promises kept," and voters can be secure in the fact that the tax revenues will be spent as provided for in the Expenditure Plan.

Section XII of the implementing Ordinance for Sacramento County's existing Measure A does allow for limited amendment of the Expenditure Plan after a mandatory review of the document at the end of each decennial period of the 30-year term of the tax, but only through the following process:

"Beginning in 2019, and every ten years thereafter, the Authority shall review and, where necessary, propose amendments to the Expenditure Plan to meet changing transportation needs. Such review shall consider recommendations from local governments, transportation agencies and interest groups, and the general public.”Any amendment must be approved by the Board of Supervisors and a majority of the city councils constituting a majority of the incorporated population.

Consistent with Section XII, the Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA), the agency which administers Measure A, initiated the first decennial review of the program in the fall of 2019. The Measure A Decennial Report (see below) was published in November of 2019 as a first step in the review process.

However, in January of 2020 STA was exploring the potential for an additional transportation sales tax proposal based on growing transportation needs in the County, the STA Governing Board approved Resolution No. STA 20-0001 continuing the 10-year Expenditure Plan Review "until the question of a November, 2020 ballot measure is decided and, if necessary, the issue is placed before the voters of Sacramento County for a decision." The first Decennial Review process officially started in fall of 2020 with a series of public meetings, approved and adopted in June 2021.

2020 Resolution to Continue Review

Decennial Review Process Schedule

At its September meeting, the STA approved the following process for re-initiation of the Measure A 2019 Decennial Review:

  • October 2020 - Publicize/ Advertise Review Process.The first step in this process is to publicize/advertise that the review process has been re-­initiated and to solicit input by mail, social media and other appropriate means from organizations and the public as outlined in the Ordinance. The solicitation activities will take place during the month of October.
  • November 2020 - January 2021 - Public Hearings. The next step will be to conduct a series of public hearings to be held in conjunction with scheduled STA meetings over a three-month period beginning in November of this year.
    • November 12th, the STA will receive input from local governments.
    • December 10th, transportation agencies and interest groups will be asked to provide input.
    • January 14th * of the new year, the STA will take input from the general public.+
    • STA Meeting - Public Comment Procedures (See: Meeting PC Procedures)
  • February 2021 - Public Participation Input & Staff Recommendations.At the end of the hearing process, staff will compile the input received through this process and develop recommendations for any proposed amendments to the Expenditure Plan to be considered by the STA at the meeting on February 11th*.

If the STA determines to move forward with an amendment or amendments, the Authority will notify the Board of Supervisors and the city councils of its initiation of any amendment, reciting findings of necessity which would be adopted at the February meeting. Actions of the Board of Supervisors and city councils to approve or to oppose the amendment(s) must be communicated to the Authority within 60 days after the date the notification is provided. Failure to notify the Authority of formal action within 60 days after the date of notice will constitute approval. To be successful, an amendment must be approved by the Board of Supervisors and by a majority of the city councils constituting a majority of the incorporated population. Final action on approval of any amendment(s) will be taken by the STA at its May 13th* meeting.

*These dates are subject to STA approval in November 2020 of a meeting schedule for 2021