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Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA) was created in 1988 when Sacramento County voters approved Measure A, the half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. STA is responsible for administering the funds collected via Measure A. All funds must be used within Sacramento County.

In 2004, the STA Board placed a renewal of Measure A on the ballot. In passing the renewal, more than 75% of voters approved a 30-year extension of Measure A, beginning in 2009.

Where does the money go?

The proceeds from the sales tax are used to fund a comprehensive program of roadway and transit improvements throughout Sacramento County. Improvements include highway, street, and road construction and maintenance; bus and light rail capital and operations; improved transportation services for elderly and disabled persons; and transportation-related air quality programs.

Funding for Other Services

Additionally, funding is secured through a $1 surcharge from Sacramento County residents’ car registry fees. Department of Motor Vehicles collects and transfers these to STA for the implementation of the Sacramento Abandoned Vehicle Service Authority (SAVSA).

Our Future

As Sacramento County’s population continues to grow, our roads become more congested, and many critical projects remain unfunded, the STA Board of Directors must plan for our future needs. Ongoing communication with groups, partners and the public will help shape future funding mechanisms and determine the prioritization of projects.