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Report Abandoned Vehicles

How To Report Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles may be considered abandoned if:

  • they are parked on the street and have not been moved in three days, or they are parked in the street or in a driveway and are not in operating condition (i.e. has no wheels, no engine, etc.)
  • they are parked on dirt or lawn areas
  • they are parked and do not have a current license or registration

Jurisdiction-Specific Procedures

Report abandoned vehicles to the jurisdiction where the vehicle is location. When reporting an abandoned vehicle, be sure to note:

  • location of the vehicle, along with the nearest cross-street
  • vehicle license number
  • vehicle description
Sacramento County - Unincorporated Areas 

Call 3-1-1 or (916) 875-4311

City of Sacramento 

Call 3-1-1 or (916) 264-5011

Download 3-1-1 App & Report Online

Citrus Heights 

Call (916) 727-5500

More Information


Call (209) 366-7000


Call (916) 461-6227


Call (916) 777-7770